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Ppt on bose einstein condensate

Ppt on bose einstein condensate

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4 Sep The 5 th state of matter, Bose–Einstein condensate Done by: Jeremy Teo (14) 1O2. Absolute zero of temperature. Phase diagram. g = strength of transverse magnetic field. Quantum phase transition. 3. Breaking up the Bose-Einstein condensate. In , Einstein applied Satyendra Bose's explanation of blackbody radiation to matter, predicting the phenomenon known as Bose-Einstein condensation.

Bose Einstein Condensation. Condensed Matter II –Spring Davi Ortega. In Diluted Gas. Summary. From counting to a new state of matter. Bose-Einstein Condensates. Brian Krausz. Apr. 19th, Table of Contents. What is a BEC? How do you make one in lab? Laser cooling; Magnetic trapping. Bose-Einstein Condensate. By Kyle Ireton and Ian Winter. What is it? BEC consists of particles cooled down to a temperature within a few billionths of a degree.

Bose-Einstein Condensation (Ch. 7). 70 years after the Einstein prediction, the BEC in weakly interacting Bose systems has been experimentally demonstrated . 2) Criterion for Bose-Einstein condensation. 3) How is BEC looks like? 4) Quantum description of BEC. 5) GROSS- PITAEVSKII EQUATION The Mean- Field. Bose-Einstein condensation. When Atoms Become Waves. presentation by Dr. K.Y. Rajpure. 2. Bosons. Fermions. Satyendra Nath Bose. No two identical. Two states of matter they didn't teach you about in school Until Now! Plasma. Bose-Einstein Condensate. We all know about: LIQUIDS. SOLIDS. GASES. Excitations, Bose-Einstein Condensation and Superfluidity in Liquid 4He. Henry R. Glyde. Department of Physics & Astronomy. University of Delaware.


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